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Common Core: Mastery Connect

Bringing you a fantastic find, Mastery Connect connects you to teachers from around the country who are also implementing the common core. Find “just right” activities and assessments already aligned to the common core. Best part its free and you … Continue reading

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More on Common Core

If you need a boost on the Common Core standards as I did, fell free to take this free webinar series from the Marzano Research Group.  Two sessions have passed and there are two more live sessions to go, but you can … Continue reading

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Common Core Standards and How to Prepare for the Change

Common core standards is the hot topic in education today. Google “common core standards” and you retrieve 32,000,000 results. For me it is mind boggling. Not being a regular-ed teacher I am left a bit out of the loop and … Continue reading

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Technology in Education

Rather than sheltering our students from technology, I believe we should embrace it and teach them how to use it responsibility.

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ASCD’s 2012 Virtual Conference

This weekend I am attending ASCD’s Virtual Conference “A collaborative Call for Action.”  Starts at 8am today via your computer.  There’s still time to register if you would like to join me.  Grab your coffee, stay in your pjs, and learn … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered an “I wonder?” Hmmm…. To come save you is Wonderopolis,, a fantastic site highlighted in this month’s ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine. Each day it features a fun I wonder question, complete with video and lesson plan. Today’s is … Continue reading

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Total Participation Techniques; A Book Review

I am always trying to think of ways for every student in a classroom to participate for it is only when they participate that they stay engaged and as we know engagment is vital for learning.  Total participation techniques (TPT)  are just that…they … Continue reading

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New Year, New You, Get Organized

I met a new substitute teacher friend today who has become tormented with the nature of the job of not knowing where she is going to be each day.  It has become a struggle for her to get up each day … Continue reading

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Operation Beautiful

In America, we are obsessed with how we look.  Studies have found that by 5th grade, girls are already beginning to diet, have already looked at themselves in the mirror and thought “I’m fat.”  This just breaks my heart.  Poor body … Continue reading

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Santa’s Carbon Footprint

What better time of year to get your students thinking about protecting the environment than the holiday season.  The holiday time is a time when most individuals think of the year past and create resolutions for the year ahead.  Ethical … Continue reading

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