Another Tip from Queen Scarlet

Subs whenever you enter a school, whether it is a place you want to be or not, always consider it a job interview.  I thought that this was common knowledge but it always surprises me when I see sloppy subs. In the past two weeks I have noticed several sloppy subs.  Substitute teachers, who instead of looking for opportunities, sit and do nothing.  For example, I often see subs on their down town reading…away from other staff members huddled in their classes.  Use that time to build your brand.  Get yourself into other classes, even if it is not your content area.  You always can learn classroom management techniques or a teaching strategy that could be adapted for your area.   Go around to other classes, the secretarial staff, the principles, the guidance counselor, and ask if they need help.  You do these things and you will be noticed.

My two cents…Don’t get lazy…it’s hiring season! I digress.  Goodnight dear subs.

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