Have you ever wondered an “I wonder?” Hmmm…. To come save you is Wonderopolis,http://wonderopolis.org/, a fantastic site highlighted in this month’s ASCD’s Educational Leadership magazine. Each day it features a fun I wonder question, complete with video and lesson plan. Today’s is “How Much Rain Can a Cloud Hold?” I’m thinking weather unit.  I’m also thinking time fillers dear subs.  When there are those few extra minutes, you could pop up Wonderopolis and just read the fun facts for today.  There is a section called, “nominate an Wonder.”  To put your students to higher-order thinking skills, they could think up there own I wonders, design the essential question, do the research, find the video, and submit it.  I’m thinking an informational site.  Although this site is said to be primarily geared to elementary, I can see it being used in Middle and High School as well.

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