Total Participation Techniques; A Book Review

I am always trying to think of ways for every student in a classroom to participate for it is only when they participate that they stay engaged and as we know engagment is vital for learning.  Total participation techniques (TPT)  are just that…they are little subtle ways to get every student participating in their learning.  This book, Total Participation Techniques by Persida & William Himmele, is one of the latest additions to the ASCD offering (I usually always have some ASCD book that I reading…love that organization!!!).  This book is not new or particularly inventive.  It is a culmination of those tricks that we may have heard at one time or another that may have been titled something different than total participation techniques.  Many of these strategies I have seen in differentiation of instruction books, which I do not know if I consider as differentiation of instruction…but I digress…a conversation for another time.  While reading this book I used post it notes to mark techniques that I would like to try (many of which you can use as a sub); yellow for new techniques (that I have never seen) and green for old techniques (that I have already seen or used).  What I found was that the entire book is almost marked.  What I loved most about this book is that  they not only  presented the technique and how it works  but also explained how to make it to ensure higher-order thinking.

Today I subbed for a teacher who gave me free rain to alter her plans however I wished.  Cha Ching…opportunity for me to make this drill and practice worksheet session more interactive by adding TPTs.  We added a quick-draw, quick-write, and think-pair shares and had a blast doing it.  Every student was involved and since every student was involved I had little classroom management issues.  It was a good day!

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