Santa’s Carbon Footprint

What better time of year to get your students thinking about protecting the environment than the holiday season.  The holiday time is a time when most individuals think of the year past and create resolutions for the year ahead.  Ethical Ocean did just the same and presented their findings in a unique fashion.  They thought about their carbon footprints and created a carbon footprint for the giant jolly man himself.  I love this graphic as it is a fun way to get us thinking about our carbon footprints; however, I would be cautious using this graphic in the classroom.  Before using this graphic consider the age of the child.  Many of the numbers used for Santa’s carbon footprint are nonsense, because, well Santa is mythical.  Those nonsense numbers could make children angry with Santa for being so un-environmentally conscious.  I would say that Santa is magic and therefore has no carbon footprint—it is zero.  This info-graphic would be perfect for the ecology high school class.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!

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