Never Work Harder than your Students; A Book Review

I just finished a book that I believe every teacher should add to their library.  A book of equal value for both rank teachers–rookie and veteran–that will clear their vision to only have sight on the big picture.  Novice teachers often get bogged down with all the must dos in the classroom that other teachers claim will make them an excellent teacher, breaking their backs with loads and loads of tips and tricks that they should be using.  No one however shares how all these tips and tricks fit into the big picture.  This practice falls into experienced teachers working their fingers to the bones.

Ms. Jackson breaks teaching into 7 guiding principles (know where your students are, know where your students are going, expect to get your students there, support your students, use effective feedback, focus on quality rather than quanity, and never work harder than your students) that with time, patience, and practice, can make any teacher into a master teacher.  These principles she shares consistently focus on student achievement in humanizing, empowering ways for students and teachers and will from this point on guide my teaching.  I wish every teacher would be required to read this book.  If you haven’t done so already, go and read!!!!!

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