Lookin’ like a Fool Withcha Your Pants on the Ground

If you are an avid follower of the American Idol, as I am, you cannot forget Larry Platt, composer of his famous song-Pants on the Ground. If your mind is a bit foggy, let this be a reminder: a remix by composersDanny Diggz and Jordan Laws. If you are a third grade teacher, you too are also quite familiar with this catchy tune as if you have a cool classroom like mine; your students will also sing “Pants on the Ground” in resounding chorus when their friend’s britches fall to the ground. Mr. Coolio struggled with his pants all day and his bright idea before going to music class was to jump up and down in excitement, only to find his pants down around his ankles. Was he embarrassed? No, he stood there striking a manly pose with his buddies singing “pants on the ground.” Yes this was my day in third grade.

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